We plan to self-publish a non-fiction book which brings togeth- er everything we learn about the values, traditions and legends of the First Nations peoples and apply it to a western audience through an engaging and inspiring adventure narrative, giving people an appreciation for the simple things and a living in har- mony with nature.

Live events in schools are a very effective means to achieve our ultimate goal, to inspire and educate young adventurers.

Based on the success of those run by Hendrik through Marche Ou Rêve, these events aim to inspire kids in French and English schools, engage them in important issues, and challenge them with simple daily tasks to reinforce what they have learned.

We hope to awaken within them their adventurous spirit and help them change their attitude in a positive way towards their environment, community and each other. We believe that stories and values of the First Nations communities hold keys to helping us here in Western Europe address some of the issues affecting our lives.

The website will be a central hub which is home to the documentary, an online shop for the book and other products, and information related to the expedition.

Furthermore, a blog, email newsletter and key influencer outreach program will help the website become a valuable portal of advice and other content for young adventurers, promoting an increasing volume of web traffic and a growing a loyal community.

Prior to our departure, we will have storyboarded a documentary which we will film along the way using a selection of video recording equipment and techniques.

Various scenes from the documentary will be sliced up and promoted to relevant online websites and communities in order to raise awareness of the expedition.

As a result of our partnership with Le Grand Bivouac, we also have the opportunity to screen the documentary at a festival in 2015 to thousands of adventurers and outdoor pursuitists.