To embark upon a man-powered odyssey of 2,000km through Northern Canada and the Arctic Circle with a double objective:

  • Draw up an inventory of socio-cultural customs and traditions of First Nations
  • Communicate their values and experiences, once back in Europe, in the form of a book and documentary, while offering a ‘best of’ the most relevant learnings which can help us live in closer accord with nature and each other in the West.


  • Change our relationship with nature:
    It’s crucial for the preservation of the human species and wildlife to explore all avenues that could slow global warming. New technologies ‘disconnect’ us from our traditional values ​​and respect for nature possessed by our forebearers.

    What can we learn from their way of life?

  • Map the community model:
    The community model in today’s Western society often revolves heavily around the individuals, at the expense of the family unit. A strong family unit reduces the sense of isolation, and, in turn, loneliness, a scourge of our Western society.

    What can we learn from their system?


To educate ourselves through immersion within communities of First Nations and share the expedition’s findings through various media projects and live events.

Document this expedition through various media projects.